“I was persuaded by feminist attorneys to lie”

TRIGGER WARNING: the video mentioned below might be upsetting to viewers, as it contains shaming language and pictures of aborted fetuses.

Shortly before the presidential election, former abortion activist Norma McCorvey–previously known as Jane Roe, the plaintiff in Roe v. Wade–released an anti-choice video that urged Americans not to vote for president Obama.

In the video, McCorvey states that she was persuaded by “feminist attorneys” to lie about being raped and wanting an abortion. McCorvey also says that President Obama is a “baby killer” since he supports reproductive rights and abortion.

McCorvey has obviously changed her mind in regards to abortion, which people of course can do, and do all the time. What is concerning is that she now, many years later, blames her then-activism on manipulating feminists while further stating that Obama permits child murder.

It is also deeply disturbing that the video employs images of aborted fetuses in order to persuade people to reconsider abortion. This is a type of mental torture that attempts to shame, guilt-trip, and disgust people into changing their minds about women’s reproductive rights. Such images can also be very upsetting and triggering, while these are scare tactics that are not based on spreading information or actually arguing for a cause.

McCorvey has the right to her opinion concerning abortion. What is not okay, however, is supporting the shaming of women who have had, or are going to have, an abortion.

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