Feminists For Choice is Getting a Facelift!

Feminists For Choice is in the process of revamping our look. We’re so excited about the new logo that graphic designer Karen Fulcher has created for us. It’s bold, it’s beautiful, and it really brings out the sassy attitude we have around here.

We want to hear from you, the readers, as we move forward with crafting our new design. You can help us out by taking this short, 5-question survey so that we can better meet your needs and improve your experience here at Feminists For Choice.

Stay tuned for more news about our relaunch, which will be celebrated on January 22, 2011 with tweetups in multiple cities around the country. This will be a great way to celebrate the Roe v. Wade anniversary, meet other pro-choice feminists, and find out about opportunities to get active around pro-choice issues in your city.

If you’d rather leave us a comment than take the survey, we’d love to know how you browse our site (on a laptop, mobile device, etc.); what features you currently like; and what features you think the site is lacking.

About Serena:
Serena is a freelance writer who enjoys baking, protesting, and playing with little dogs.


  1. Karen did an amazing job on the logo and I’m really looking forward to the relaunch!!

  2. AJ, I’m serious when I say that I want this tattooed on my back. It’s fierce, fierce, fierce!

  3. it is extra-fierce Serena. I’d love to see your feminist-stamp.

    Or, “sexually liberated tramp-feminist stamp.”

  4. You and me both! I’ve been searching for my second tattoo for quite some time now, and I think I’ve officially found it. :-)

  5. LOL- feminist tramp stamp . . . I love it!

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