Feminists for Choice Take Manhattan!

On Friday, September 7th, Feminists for Choice hosted a happy hour fundraiser with the New York Abortion Access Fund. Feminists from far and wide and each and every borough–even honorary ones like New Jersey!–came out to kick back, catch up, and support a great cause. Together we raised $895 to help women in need of abortion funding.

Equally important, if not more, we came together to stand up for women at a time when abortion opponents have managed to threaten the right to choose even in this most progressive of enclaves. Not only has a longtime abortion provider in Brooklyn stopped offering abortion services, a retired New Jersey doctor unafraid to identify himself as an abortion provider before the procedure was legal now concedes “It’s Harder to Be an Abortion Provider Now Than Before Roe V. Wade.”

But on Friday night, no one was dwelling on the bad when there was a post-convention high to ride. The room was buzzing about the good (Michelle Obama,  Nancy Keenan, President of NARAL, Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, Sandra Fluke), the bad (Clint Eastwood and his chair-o-logue) and the ugly (most everything else Republican–let’s just say no one was buying what Ann Romney was selling).

NYAAF Board Member Maureen Sturzman made sure folks knew how to put their good intentions to good use by explaining how to get more involved with NYAAF, and Feminists for Choice’s Janice Formicella did the same for us here at Feminists for Choice. (Look for some great guest posts soon!)

Thanks to Solas, happy hour specials stayed special for the entire event, and guests enjoyed goodies from two kickass feminist films–the tables were covered with rainbow-colored bracelets from Jodi Lieb’s Monday’s Child and ’how to lose your virginity’ V-Cards from Therese Schechter’s and Trixie Films’ How to Lose Your Virginity. To get your hands on some bracelets and V-cards of your own just click away … Three lucky raffle winners took home more merch from both films, a gourmet tea sampler from Shark Tank-winning Talbott Teas, a gift certificate from AuH20Thriftque, and some Luna Sueňo Tequila to wash it all down real smooth.

Many many thanks to our sponsors and to everyone who came out. Let’s do it again soon …

Welcome Benny!

Here’s a little more on the author of the great post on dequeering the fetus, since hir’s now joined the editorial team at Feminists for Choice. Please all welcome Benny!

Benny is a doctoral student in Speech Communication at SIU Carbondale. Hir primary research areas include: Intercultural Communication and Performance Studies. Within these areas ze researches, writes and is interested in: queer embodiment, mundane revolution, transgender politics and embodiment, genderqueerness, multiracial theorizing, adults with asperger syndrome, media, and monstrosity. Ze lives in Carbondale with hir partner, Aeron and their dog, Queen Foucault, and bird, Gibbous. Benny is big into body modification practices and is learning to play the bagpipe and guitar concurrently.

How exciting does this all sound?! Please use the comments to welcome Benny!

Welcome, Maria!

Feminists for Choice is expanding our international reach, ya’ll. Please give a big welcome to our newest team member, Maria Pawlowska.

Maria M. Pawlowska is a healthcare analyst with a passion for reproductive health, gender and sexuality.  Her articles on all of these issues have appeared in RH Reality Check, HealthyPolicies, The European Pro-Choice Network  among others. She’s a regular contributor to Role/Reboot and The Good Men Project. Maria currently lives in London with her husband.

Click over to Maria’s bio page to read more about her. And please leave her some comment love on her first post. Welcome aboard, Maria!

Welcome to Manis!

We’re going international, ya’ll! Feminists for Choice is proud to welcome our newest writer, Manis Rayles. Manis is joining us from France . . . oo la la! Manis is a Masters student, pursuing degrees in both History and Media Education. She believes that there is a strong connection between faith and feminist activism.

Visit Manis’s bio page to read more about her. And please make her feel welcome by commenting on her first article later today.

Welcome aboard, Manis!

A Season of Gratitude

I grew up in the Mormon Church. Whenever my brother and I would complain or fight, my mom would have us sing a Mormon hymn called “Count Your Many Blessings.” Not surprisingly, our attitudes would quickly change when we started singing about being grateful and naming our blessings one by one.

This past year has been very difficult for me, so I’m taking time out to say thank you for all of my many blessings as we move into the holiday season. Yes, Thanksgiving is a holiday that commemorates colonialism and white supremacy. But it is also a time to say thank you and feel grateful.

This month Feminists for Choice will be saying thank you to pro-choice advocates we admire. We all work so hard to protect access to reproductive health care that we sometimes forget that we’re not out here fighting alone. So stay tuned for some thank you notes. And if you have someone you’d like to honor with a guest post, please send us an e-mail. We’d love to include your voice in this season of gratitude.

Welcome, Maureen!

Feminists for Choice is very excited to welcome the newest member of our writing team, Maureen Shaw. Maureen recently completed her Master’s degree in Human Rights at Columbia University with a focus on Women’s and Gender Rights, and is the founder of sherights.com. When she’s not busy blogging about women’s issues, she is advocating for the women and girls of New York City in her role as Legislative Vice President for the National Organization for Women’s NYC Chapter. Maureen is also a huge fan of snark, all things chocolate, and traveling. Follow her on Twitter @MaureenShaw for snippets of awesomeness.

Please check out Maureen’s bio page for more info, and give her a warm welcome on her first post later today.

Marking Our Own Milestone

They say that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Since this is the 1000th blog post here at Feminists for Choice, I’ve been thinking a lot about the many steps we’ve taken over the last few years. And what an auspicious coincidence that we reached the one thousand mile mark during Women’s History Month!

Feminists for Choice was in development a few months before Dr. Tiller’s murder, but his death initiated the launch of our site a few days earlier than we planned. Since June of 2009, we’ve witnessed women’s health being attacked at both the state and federal levels – with the Pence Amendment and attacks on Title X as just the latest iteration of these assaults on women’s health. We’ve seen a huge backlash against the 2008 Progressive electoral victories. And we’ve participated in walks for choice. In short, we’ve been busy! [Read more...]

From the Tweets to the Streets: Get Your Pro-Choice Party On!

Join Feminists for Choice for a celebration of the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.  We’re taking it from the tweets to the streets.  We could see several challenges to women’s health in 2011.  Connect with local pro-choice organizations to help defend women’s health.  Use the links below to RSVP to a tweetup in New York, Dallas, or Tucson. [Read more...]

Feminists For Choice is Getting a Facelift!

Feminists For Choice is in the process of revamping our look. We’re so excited about the new logo that graphic designer Karen Fulcher has created for us. It’s bold, it’s beautiful, and it really brings out the sassy attitude we have around here.

We want to hear from you, the readers, as we move forward with crafting our new design. You can help us out by taking this short, 5-question survey so that we can better meet your needs and improve your experience here at Feminists For Choice.

Stay tuned for more news about our relaunch, which will be celebrated on January 22, 2011 with tweetups in multiple cities around the country. This will be a great way to celebrate the Roe v. Wade anniversary, meet other pro-choice feminists, and find out about opportunities to get active around pro-choice issues in your city.

If you’d rather leave us a comment than take the survey, we’d love to know how you browse our site (on a laptop, mobile device, etc.); what features you currently like; and what features you think the site is lacking.

Pro-Choice Feminists Overtake New York!

Thanks to all the feisty feminists who attended the Feminists for Choice tweetup last night in New York.  What a great turnout!  And what a fun opportunity to put names with faces of people we love to follow on Twitter and right here on Feminists for Choice.  From left to right in the photo: Janice Formichella, Andrea Hance, Serena Freewomyn, and Jodi Lustig.

A big shout out to Shelby Knox and Steph Herold for joining us and live tweeting from the event.  It was so fun to talk about our shared love for women’s history and rescue dogs.

Feminists for Choice will be relaunching on January 22, 2011 in celebration of the Roe v. Wade anniversary.  Expect the same sassy content, but we’ll have a bold new look.  In honor of the relaunch and the Roe anniversary, we will be hosting five concurrent tweetups in cities across the country.  So if you missed the feminist good times last night, be on the look out for the next big event.

Big feminist hugs from Janice and Serena!