Breastfeeding Moms Receives Death Threats

A Swedish organization attempting to assist parents with issues relating to breastfeeding created their own take on Gangnam Style with a video showing mothers breastfeeding in public. The organization wanted to discuss public breastfeeding in a humorous way, making it less dramatic. In a few days the video was played over 34,000 times on Youtube (it has now been removed) and surprisingly many people raged over the content of the video, even going as far as posting aggressive comments and death threats in the comment section that were directed towards the women.

We have previously discussed a variety of Feminists For Choice connected to public breastfeeding. We discussed breastfeeding at the playground and touched on the subject of breastfeeding and the sexualization of women’s breasts
The second issue, that women’s breasts should be reserved for heterosexual and sexual interactions, seemed to be the major issue that was behind the death threats aimed at the breastfeeding mothers in the Youtube video. A spokesperson for the above mentioned organization said that the remarks and threats were believed to have been made by men who viewed women’s breasts as a source of sexual pleasure for men, not as a feeding tool for children.

There are obviously differing opinions on the topic with some people being bothered by public breastfeeding and others being supportive of it. However, threatening women because they engage in public breastfeeding is a horrible way to try to bully them into changing their ways, based on the assumed offensiveness that a breast might show, while simultaneously limiting their choices concerning ways to care for their child.


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