An Expectant Mother’s Guide to Preparing for Delivery

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Expectant mothers who take the time to prepare for the birth of their baby will be more relaxed when their due date arrives. To prepare for the arrival of their newborn, expectant mothers should develop a birthing plan, make childcare and pet sitting arrangements if necessary, and pack an overnight bag they can take to the hospital or birthing center.

Create a Birthing Plan
One of the first things women should do is develop and discuss a birthing plan with their doctor or midwife. A typical birthing plan will include information such as how the expectant mother should contact her doctor or midwife when she has gone into labor, full details on what type of pain medications the expectant mother would like administered before, during and after delivery, and any other important information.

Come Up With a List of Questions
While discussing a birthing plan with their doctor or midwife, expectant mothers should have a list of other questions prepared to ask. This information may or may not be included in the birthing plan. Ask questions that aren’t included on the birthing plan but are helpful to know; for example, does the facility perform episiotomies (process where the perineum is cut to allow more room for babies head), what interventions do they routinely use during labor or does the doctor let things progress naturally, and if there is a back-up practitioners or midwife and if you could meet them prior to delivery in case your doctor is unavailable.

Discuss Optional Procedures with a Practitioner or Midwife

Post-delivery there are a few optional procedures you can have done. If you delivery a baby boy, circumcision is a consideration to make. There are a few ways that circumcision can be done, so speak to your doctor about what type of procedure they offer. In the hospital, a doctor can use a few different types of clamps to separate the foreskin from the glans and then a scalpel to remove the foreskin completely; a padded restraint chair and anesthesia are used. If you prefer to have a circumcision done for religious purposes by a Mohel, the process is similar but for you holding your son while the procedure is performed. Your decision to have circumcision performed is based solely on your personal, cultural and religious beliefs and not up to a doctor.

Another optional procedure is cord blood banking. Cord blood banking is where the cord blood is collected from the umbilical cord after it has been clamped and cut and stored by the family for potentially future use in treating medical diseases.

Make Arrangements for Child Care and Pet Sitting
Once the birthing plan is complete, expectant mothers should take the time to make arrangements for child care and pet sitting, if necessary. Family and friends often have just as busy schedules as you, so arranging child and pet care several months in advance will help make certain family and friends will be available when needed. You should always have a back-up plan in place just in case there are unexpected changes in plans occur.

Pack for Your Stay at a Hospital or Birthing Center

The next and final step expectant mothers should take to get ready for the big day is to pack an overnight bag to take with you to the hospital. Women should make sure they bring comfortable sleepwear, slippers and toiletry essentials. By taking the time to pack a bag ahead of time, women won’t have to worry about packing when labor strikes, and she can head straight to the hospital.

By following these tips and taking the steps to prepare in advance for delivery, expectant mothers will be able to stay focused and not have to worry about anything but delivering their baby when the time arrives.


  1. Circumcision? His body, his choice – when he is old enough to make it. He will almost always choose to keep it all.

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