Serena Freewomyn

Serena Freewomyn is a freelance writer and longtime feminist activist. She earned her BA in Women’s Studies from Arizona State University.  Serena is a WNBA fan and loves women’s history.

What is Feminism?
I believe that feminism is about equality for everybody. I do not believe that gender is inherently tied to one’s biological sex. I believe that gender roles are learned, and that we all have the ability to shape our gender in a way that is appropriate for us. Feminism means having the power to make choices about what is right for you and having equal opportunities to pursue your goals.

What is Choice?
I believe that choice means having the power to make decisions about your own body. These choices include:

  • When, and if, you want to have sex
  • Who you want to have sex with
  • What types of sexual activities are right for you
  • What type of birth control is right for you
  • The choice to get pregnant and keep a child or put it up for adoption
  • The choice to terminate a pregnancy if that is appropriate for you
  • Access to medically accurate information about reproductive options
  • The right of transsexuals to change their bodies to fit their gender
  • The right of intersex children to not have surgery until they know which gender they are
  • The right to say “no.”

The pro-choice movement encompasses all of these aspects of reproductive health, and so much more.

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