Maria Pawlowska

Maria M. Pawlowska is a healthcare analyst with a passion for reproductive health, gender and sexuality.  Her articles on all of these issues have appeared in RH Reality Check, HealthyPolicies, The European Pro-Choice Network  among others. She’s a regular contributor to Role/Reboot and The Good Men Project. Maria currently lives in London with her husband. You can reach her at: or follow her on twitter @MariaPawlowska.

What is feminism?
For me non-discrimination, inclusion and respect for individual’s choices are at the heart of feminism.  I don’t think there should be any one thing you believe in that makes you a feminist other than respecting other people without prejudice based on gender, race, sexual orientation etc. Or sometimes I just want to shout: “down with the patriarchy!”

What is choice?
Choice should be every human being inalienable right to decide about what happens to their bodies.