Hennie Weiss

Hennie Weiss was born in Landvetter, Sweden, but moved to California at the age of 18. She completed her Master’s Degree in Sociology at California State University, Sacramento. She is passionate about feminism, pro-choice, gender studies, and the sexualization of women in media. When she is not reading, writing or discussing issues related to women, she likes to go to concerts, play videogames and spend time with her family.

What is feminism?

To me, feminism is about working towards greater equality for women in all aspects of their lives. Feminism is strongly tied to the notion that women are capable, intelligent and have the discretion to decide for themselves. Feminism is also about the inclusion, representation, understanding and celebration of women from all walks of life.

What is choice?

Choice is being able to make your own decisions concerning your own life. Choice is also about allowing others to make such decisions in the first place rather than limiting their opportunities and life choices. Often times, women find themselves restricted in terms of being able to make decisions, which is why choice is so often connected to feminism and women’s rights.