The highly important theory side of things

Even if you are not out to explore the filed further knowing what the term feminist theory refers to is important, as it lies underneath the surface of all things relevant in the field today. If you have found your way here though interest and related reading, you may be an activist on any scale, or someone who is just interested to become better informed, hopefully you will find this helpful. You can always get in touch with us though our webpage if there is something that you disagree with or if there’s something that you think we have gotten wrong. We are here to do our best to spread the words, the important ones, the ones we see great need for in society and life today.

In short feminist theory deals with the definition of it and asks mainly the question of what. What is gender equality? How do we define discrimination, and how does it tie into the nature of our existence and the nature of the context, which is the whole of the social group, the society or the global situation at the moment. These are the scales which are currently relevant, and if one starts to study it one will see just how twisted our own ideas are. Often without us even knowing about it. Identifying the why and the how’s comes after. Why are things as they are, and if we can implement change, how do we do so without causing misunderstandings and further judgement.

Dealing mainly with fields such as discrimination, oppression, stereo typing and classical and contemporary arts, feminist theory if studied will provide an in depth understanding of the workings behind things. We hope that we have inspired you to look up more on this subject, and if you let us know if there is any feedback for the team here that you have to share.

The age of information

There are many factors involved when it comes to what makes up a person and their actions.

However, there are some things of great importance, and this especially true if you are a parent.

Of course as a parent you have a great responsibility, but there is nothing that can really teach someone about life other than life itself.

It’s hard for us today to know what the future will look like and what challenges the people of the future will have to take on. But what we do know, is the state of things in our own environment today, meaning that the responsibility also encompasses what values we bring forward. As there is so much information available out there with the internet, with scientific research moving forward into complex realms which the vast majority of us don’t have a grasp on, it becomes extra important to ensure that how we live by example is instilled with something that we would call virtue. The right type of behaviour, not only for the benefit of the self, but also for the benefit of those around us and our planet.

Everything from sustainability to equality is to be valued highly, as the trajectory that we are going in as a race can easily ware off course. Some of the issues which were caused by the developments which took place during the time of our parents and grand parents, may seem far away due to the fast paced world we move in, but it’s only a couple of generations up. So let us not push our current issues and the responsibility of finding a solution solely on to future generations. My father once worked as a plumber after setting up his own plumber in Bristol and agreed that at the time it was possible for men but not women.

But start right now, with building the right type of mind set the right type of behaviour. One will never become overwhelmed with the rate that information hit’s us if one is aware and able to pick out the relevant factors in each individual situation.

Feminism and modern campaigns

Culturally it appeared that over the last few years Feminism was at risking of slipping outside the public domain. It seemed that after all the hard work of feminists all over the globe, the ideology had taken somewhat of a back seat. Recent revelations in Hollywood and large organisations over the world have shown that the early dismissal of the relevancy of Feminism was certainly misplaced.

Women and men all across the world should feel extremely proud at the recent news coming out of media organisations globally. Finally women are speaking out once more and claiming that enough really is enough. The importance of the #MeToo and #TimesUp campaign cannot be understated. Women for many years in the entertainment have been without a voice. Valued solely on looks alone and not for their artistic talent. Now it appears that toxic masculinity has reached the peak of what it can achieve and what goes up, must come back down. What’s more, it certainly looks like the actions of women, together with men, are taking a tough stance in bringing down toxic masculinity once and for all.

Of course these campaigns have been excellent, but so too have been some of the actions of men in this fight. The news presenters at the BBC whom have voluntarily taken a pay cut to bring themselves in line with their female counterparts. Men actively joining in these campaigns and taking the fight to other men. Thanks to Locksmiths of Bristol for supporting this website. As anyone knows, it’s not until you get the majority group on side, even if it’s only initially a small part of them, can you seek change. With those in power being the driving force behind the change, hopefully the relevance of Feminism is back once more and here to stay. What a time that we can all be proud to be alive and fighting the same battle.

Feminism still lives and breathes today

In discussions today, at times you hear someone say that feminism is a thing of the past, that we have no joined the new era where equality has somehow been reached and now we need to focus on other global issues. However, the team here feels much different about it. And today, more than ever we find that the feminist movement is needed. In some ways it would be almost an offence to the great women and leaders who have fought for gender equality in the past if we stopped where we are now.

A world where gender bias lives as an intrinsic part of our society, not outspoken, not overt, but under the cover. Now more than ever it is important that women stand together and rise up, speak out and not cower when they are treated unfairly due to their gender. We grow up today with the promise of equal opportunity but when you hit the workplace, the corporate world, the political world, you find soon that it is heavily male dominated, and to succeed as a woman you need to do much more and deal with much more than you would were you born as the opposite sex.

No, the team here sees that we are far from equality yet, and we need young, old and all the rest to stand up and ensure that they do not pass down their own biases, also as women, a more submissive standpoint. We need to be strong women, but not in the traditional way that we portray strength, which is mainly a masculine feature, though brute force, but though the type of strength we know exist in each woman. The type of strength you see when a female wolf puts it’s own cub out of it’s misery to ensure the survival of the rest. The one type of strength which is not a selfish one, but a wise and aware one. Of course not all agree, and this is just one take on it, and we would like to hear what you think, so get in touch through the contact page with your suggestions and questions.

Ideas and ideals, feminism angle

The ideals of equality and equal right, feminism in itself, which the team sees well worth in striving for, however, it’s still an impossibility, and we appreciate anyone who can see that point as it gives a different perspective. Hierarchy is natural to people, the workings of power and human psychology, social psychology and human behaviour are always at play, and there is never such a thing as equality. Nevertheless, we keep trying, and when there are blatantly obvious injustices, right there in front of our eyes, we can’t simply say, yeah it’s fine equal enough right. Instead we must take action, or the oppressors will become more vicious with the next generation,and the ones who follow in your footsteps face a much harder challenge. We can not stand on our grandparents shoulders and reach for the future, if our grandparents were chickens.

There needs to be conviction, deliberation and action, not foolish, but there needs to be action. The team here has made it their action to ensure that awareness is kept alive on the net, and hope that you do your part in spreading the world. Today’s point was on the ideal vs. the reality. The reality is both more bland and more grim than the ideal or the fantasy, things are less dramatic, but never the less so much more real. In other words, we don’t need the drama, we just need the best possible outlook for the future, and the opportunity to take action for the rights which are everyone’s right. Freedom, expression and community. People will always be different, but we need to find ways to work with each other rather than against each other, the external threat which have been spoken of so long is here already in the form of natural disasters and financial collapse. We need to bring ourselves back to basics, reconnect with people and with the planet, and integrate it into the digital world, rather than use the digital world in our archaic ways.

Bringing about enduring and important change

We are not the first to make the statement, nor will we be the last, but its truth rings throughout the ages. The expression is something we agree profoundly with and in unison we say: We live in interesting times. Indeed, the current are times of change, on a multitude of levels, from the smallest to the largest, all around us our world is expanding with the vast flow of information in the world today. The technology advancement will bring about a new way in which we interact with the world, which is why the team here would like to bring your attention back to how we interact with each other, since this is inevitably also highly affected.

In other terms, how does our times change how we see things, what conventions and norms do we culturally hold, how do we work and what does it all mean. Regardless of how you look at it, issues such as gender equality are still prominent ones today, and we are far from an equilibrium on point, as is the case with segregation issues and racism as well.

It’s time we take a stand and make our point clear, that not only do we stand against these injustices, but we also are aware that they arise naturally in humans though our culture and our history. This level of awareness causes us to understand what brings about unjust conditions in any scenario. We may be exploring how we humans function, but we have yet only scraped the surface of that iceberg.

Post Modernism and Feminism

This branch of Feminism is the most prominent today, but how does postmodernism and post structuralist theory relate to feminism? Well Postmodern Feminism is a branch of feminism that looks to distance itself from radical feminism as we all strive to a utopia of acceptance and harmony. Modern times don’t call for the extreme actions of the suffragettes and other waves of feminism before this time, as we can achieve so much in this society with our voices and our points of view instead of unruly actions to get the attention of the patriarchal society. WE HAVE THEIR ATTENTION, it’s time we stopped making ourselves look stupid with uneducated rants, it;s become way too easy for opposition groups to poke fun and undermine the message that we’re trying to get across. Who’s to blame for the undermining? We all are, the longer we get angry and don’t know what we’re getting angry about the longer feminism will continue to hold no value to the general public or opposition. What can you do? Well for a start instead of getting all your information off of social media we need to analyse texts and ideologies and have our own views on these things. It would be ridiculous to suggest that every feminist agrees completely with every aspect of feminism, that’s why we should all be educated and have our own opinions so when we’re challenged none of us get called “crazy” or “irrational”. If we all don’t realise this soon it could be the death of feminism all together as we fall to knees of the patriarchal society we live in. A good place to start would be wikipedia reading up on 3rd wave of feminism or as it’s commonly referred to postmodern feminism.

Existential Feminism for the Everyday

If you are currently caught in the grip of an existential crisis, if you are looking for a that ever escaping meaning of life, purpose, something to work and live for. Why not delve into the world of feminism, here there are injustices enough to go around, here the factors are many, complex and vague, but also simple. If you are looking for something that you can go kick up a fuss about in the street, get in the activist business, here you will no doubt have action. If the nine to five life is killing your creativity, killing your enthusiasm for life and for morality, for what is right. Then get in there. If you are unsure of how to get in there, you can get in touch with the team who run this informational and educational site fighting for free speech and equality in a time of great change.

In a time when we can communicate, we see countries all around the world where women are being treated as second class citizens, just as clear as the class system is here in the UK, at least men and women of the same class enjoy the same judgement and benefits. It’s important that we search for equality, in spite of its impossibility, or the world would indeed be a horrible place to live, and being alive we must take some responsibility for our actions. Degeneration, inactivity, apathy to life and the future is dying to get into you, but you have to resist and make your causes and your days count. This is important for the sanity of an individual as well as for the health of the planet and the theorised future. The most important thing about getting involved is to start, by taking the first step the second becomes apparent, and then the third and so on.

Feminists are needed in all contexts

There are many desperate calls for equality these days, for anyone of what was once known as the lesser sex, for anyone of different sexuality than what is accepted, for anyone not of the right skin colour, and so forth. In each context of our societies, of our cultures and our education we now are in urgent need for equality, we need more people who fight for the right causes, who don’t just idly let time pass and follow the flow which is leading the wrong direction. Stating what is right and wrong is not a simple matter, but the team here, with their highly egalitarian ideals are confident that equality is something which is, and always will be worth the statement and the fight. So we call to arms in the most peaceful way we can age, and hope that you join us in our battle against the inequalities of the world. Not only you who are a minority, but our call also, or even especially goes out to you who are not. You who see what is going on around you and who cannot stand for the injustice and unfairness, no matter what the context.

From work roles, to home roles, to religion and faith, inequality reaches any corner of human existence as we struggle to not feel that we are better, or sometimes even worse than our brothers and sisters. It’s important to keep in mind, and to keep reminding oneself of what it is that is actually meaningful and valuable in life, why we do the things we do, and how we can proceed to create a better future rather than run ourselves into a corner where the only way out is a door of self destruction. This is not the ideal future that we dream of, nor you, so butch up, and join the new revolution, and work together for what is right, for what is equal and for what you believe in.

Hope in the upcoming generations

When we look at the future, when we look at the younger generations today, we are at times discouraged, but at times elevated. There are many things which speak against the future prosperity of the human race especially in the area of equality, but at the same time we also see the hints of hope. The strong youth battling for their rights in this world. From female rock drummers to space technicians there are many women who pave the way for these generations, and serve as appropriate role models.
It’s not that the women of the past and those who wish for nothing more than to be a housewife and rear young, it’s more about the showcasing other opportunities and options. We are happy to see that today many mothers opt for lego as a toy for their children rather than a baby doll with realistic pee and plastic cooking sets, and we are happy to see that the minds of women are still in the midst of waking up to their capabilities. This hope is what spurs us on in our campaign to ensure we support this type of development.

We can but work for a more fair world, where in the ideal equal opportunities are provided. Of course if one thinks further on the subject equal rights of course extends much further and is a matter of family wealth, circumstances and luck, but these would be things which our out of our control at the present, and there is simply no sense in worrying about things which we cannot change now. Instead it’s important to think about the things which we can change. So we urge all of you out there to give an extra thought to how you can behave better, how you can be better to promote the good qualities that you inhabit in their passing down to the generations to come.

I want to be a professional weight lifter

Inspired by her trainer, mentor and teacher, Hannah’s dreams of becoming a weightlifter is no more worth than the dreams of her brother’s of becoming a footballer. In the ideal both the siblings would have the chance to follow down the path which best suits their choice of dreams and desire, however, when seen from a more objective perspective, and the proof is already there, in your when you perceive these worlds.

In an instant we can imagine the encouragement that the brother will get in his dreams of sportsmanship and the derision poor Hanna will be subject to due to her with to follow a path which deviates from the norm. On top of that, the norm is not what we assume it to be, the majority of people are not gender stereotypes of Photoshop proportions, but people of all shapes and sizes. The real world is nothing like these two young siblings believe, and that is a lesson they too will learn with time. Now should Hannah opt to go down the line of becoming a professional athlete within a sport which goes against her gender, she will suffer and is deprived the opportunities of success which would be granted her brother. These issues are current, and they need our attention, and we, as women, mothers, sisters and citizens must do our part to ensure that we bring our beliefs down the generations though the showing, though the statement of being. The times of oppression are still upon us under the veil of the false notion that we have long since passed the times of gender biases.

Idleness kills

It may seem a dramatic statement, but in many forms and situations it can be stated directly true. There are many sad cases every year where people give up on life, they lose respect for that which they should revere the most, they fall into despair and stop the motion which life installs them with. This is a tragic story which belongs to many lost souls, and the team here feels deeply for them. What we see has happened in many of these cases is a loss of faith, a loss of hope, a loss of meaning. And although there are many secular ways to argue that life is void of meaning, there are equally many ways and more to argue the opposite. We are here, after all, so it would be a tragic waste of a time, of a life, of an experience if it will be engulfed by suffering.

The team sees that much suffering comes not from exterior threats of starvation, but from internal difficulties with handling the pressure that living today puts on any life. And it is a strain in the over all, having to find your place in a world which spans so wide that insignificance is difficult not to feel. If you ever feel in such a rut, ensure that you take action, idleness in situations like this can, without exaggeration, be deadly, if nothing else to your soul, to your interests and pleasures and to life. Which may be biggest crime of all, living a pointless life with idle hands may be the largest waste of time there is, so we must do all we can to stay away from that, at least that is what the team here feels. If you find an activity, an ideal worth fighting for, worth putting your foot down for, worth the conflict in your daily life, then go for it, with morality and confidence in your backpack.

Great opportunities for anyone, a long as you are born rich, white and male

Perhaps a harsh statement, never the less correct. That is not to say that in the battle for equality we have not gotten far, we have, but there is still much to be done. We would see the battle futile and hopeless was it not for the many who has gone before us and managed to make a difference. In today’s world it may seem impossible, but it all starts small scale, and for us, that beginning is in awareness. Making the general public aware of the injustices we face and who we can battle them on a daily basis in our regular lives. One such way is to simply be an activist on the points in which some sort of judgement is affecting you. In the situations where you are treated unfairly, don’t just sit back, but fight back. Activism is required for change to occur, and although we may not always be right, fighting for what we believe is right is always important. Without a battle for change there will be no such thing, and without strong minded and strong people with strong principles we are truly without hope. So keep your vision, keep your morals, and keep strong in the gray and darkening world of today. This is especially true if you have children, what type of world do you want them to grow up in, what type of life will they have, and what type of future will they have to contend with. It’s no secret that life is difficult and unfair, but how do you teach them to see, how do you teach them to treat others and how will they be when they are themselves adults. We have to bring the best of us forward, not the worst.

Breaking tradition

It is not without difficulty we can start going against something that is so ingrained in our culture as sexism, we might state openly that the times are past and that we ourselves are nothing of the sort. However, the fact remains that we have been breed on a long history of tradition, a long history of having strict set social roles, and willingly so. Going back just a hundred years it’s easy to see the large inequalities between the sexes, not to mention the racism and the injustices practised freely and as a normal part of society. Even today we struggle to know why we think the way we do about certain things, why we like the things we like, and what prejudgements we hold ourselves.

Although areas of science dealing with the issue are taken more and more seriously, there are still a bundle of factors which are new, and social sciences are still in the crib of their development. Religion still lives on, to this day, and strongly so, just as science for many is practices in a similar way. There is no right or wrong and even truth is subjective, if nothing else to the human perspective, meaning that we need to do what we can to expand that perspective by taking in the new information without affiliation to our culture and past. There is a complete reform needed to reach the ideal levels of equality between people, and there is no quick fix. Work must start today, and it must come in the form of activism against ourselves and our own prejudices, with new awareness to how the mind works. Education is part of the edification needed for us to grow in also our own esteem.

We need young feminists to change the world

One of the most important and pressing points in the present on the topic of feminism is to ensure that there are fighters among the new and upcoming generations, that there are women who fight for the oppression which exists today. And there is plenty of it out there, many religions have not changed to accommodate what we now know, and with the free flow of information there are still, today, feminist revolutions which are needed for women in countries where the oppression is the greatest.

If you thought that we here in the west were up to date and at an equal state of things, it’s not the case either. Women are still being paid less for the same jobs, they discriminated against and prejudice dictates that men are just better, and what is perhaps one of the most frightening discoveries of all, is the number of women who hold these prejudices as well.

We know now that there is virtually no difference in capacity, other than what has been socially imposed, meaning that we need to change the way we live, we need to change our own prejudices, and how do we do that? The team here believes that the answer lies in activism, internal, external, conditional and all the rest. And that goes for everyone, here we hope that you will be able to take some useful information with you and spread it in the world, with your friends and perhaps also bring up some good reminders to you, which you can use to bring yourself some guidance when you are feeling lost.

A gender myth

We know that men and women are different, but how different are you really from your other gender counterpart when it comes to how we function and what sort of things go on psychologically. One fact that is widely know is that the brains of men and women are pretty much identical, the only things which differ is of course our reproductive organs.

The large differences that we see in style, in habits, in ideals and in beliefs about our own abilities are much built from the nurture as so to speak, a society where barbie dolls exists and toys made for little girls priming them for becoming mothers, you can get these as early as you would like by the way. You can even get little home cooking sets, and baby dolls which pee themselves so that your child at the tender age of 3 and upwards can have the genuine housewife experience before they are even out of elementary school.

The team here sees much responsibility, or lack of it when it comes to the youth of their children, of what they teach their children and of what they think. Many forget that there is a vast responsibility in having kids, one that goes beyond the benefits entitlement and the sense of wholeness that you as a parent get from your dependant child. That not to say that there are not many wonderful parents out there who do their utmost to get to grips with the struggles it is to have one or many children.

Keeping up to date with the movement

As like with all things in life, it’s important to keep aware, and to keep current. Things are continuously changing, even you are changing in every moment. And the same rings true for the feminist frontier in the UK.

We are also greatly understanding of the busy lives which people lead, and it’s not always easy to keep all the balls in the air, especially if you wish to keep up to date with everything. So we recommend to get online and get up to date in the quick and easy way. It was never convenient to fight for change, however there is nothing to say that it cannot be done on your time and when it suits you. There are a row of great feeds out there, in terms of blogs, information portals and organisation webpages. All there who are actively fighting for this requiring cause. Finding the latest news, the good argument, and the right way is something which can always be helped by a little guidance and a daily reminder.

The modern life has far surpassed the historical serotypes of rebellion and unification in standing up to an oppressor, and now as there are several ways of media and information technology, one may as well join the flow. Join the cause, and ensure that you are linked up to what are the current issues, and how you can be part of this important push for equality. So if you are someone who spends at least some time online or with your phone, as you must be having found this site, we recommend that you dedicate a little time to finding the things which are suiting for you online, using a known search engine and key words which speak to you on the matter should help you in finding the news that you might want to remind yourself of, if not every day, at least every now and again. Brighton Locksmiths are proud supporters of this blog.

An interesting exhibit; The 2014 Whitney Huston Biennial: I’m every Woman.

Early this year there was an exhibition in Dumbo, but contrary to what the title of the exhibition may suggest it was not a tribute, or singer of the late singer. Instead it was chosen works from 75 different female artists across all range of ages, backgrounds, cultures and artistic disciplines.

With many positive responses towards sparking interest in female artists as well as for the female artists themselves to gain representation in their disciplines on a market which is not yet equal. 

The contributory artists are all of strong individualistic nature, and have their own style and expression which was show cased. The exhibition was only open for one night, and in a more symbolic way this is representative of women uniting, even for one night and much like those who followed Whitney Huston’s life and career knows, the exhibition was called an innovative endeavour which we hope will live on, just as Whitney Huston’s incredible spirit and voice has done.

Liberal feminism

Here at feminists for choice we would like to give a little bit of information and hopefully education to what feminism includes. But to begin with we think it would be a good idea to make sure that we have the general definition of the word as clear as we can. Feminist theory is simply striving for equality between men and women. There are today various activist groups under the banner of feminism, and some of the many different ways to battle for women’s rights are not agreeing on many points.

The general concept of feminism and the generally accepted idea is that feminists work for increasing equality, and where possible make efforts and place energy in being able to push for change where needed. For many feminism is also closely linked to theories on freedom. That is freedom of choice, for each individual, regardless of gender to be able to strive to better their best traits as they like the rest of the people have their right to take opportunity.

Inside of our society pretty much all feminists fight to ensure that the norm of minimum wage, educational accessibility, job opportunities etc. In our current day life, and our modern day society there is ample need for the advocates of women’s rights to be given a bit of time.

The last things which we here at feminists for choice thinks it’s safe to say is part of every feminists guide book. Namely the cause of ending sexual violence and promoting sexual freedom. Where a woman has the right to decide what happens to her body.
For us here at feminists for choice, what we here see as the most fundamental of all principles which unite feminists and humanists all over the world. Of course we speak of the principle of equality. For us here at feminists for choice this is not only between the sexes but for everyone. And wanting to take it one step further it even becomes about being seen without judgment or predetermined fabricated negatives.

As mentioned there are countless of sub genres to feminism, and they are not always in agreement with each other. More commonly these days is a liberal type of feminism working with an open and changeable way of thought. Keeping the before mentioned points at the base. Opposite this liberal way of being a feminist there is a more socialist type of feminist thinking, which deals more strictly with issues involving work, economies, opportunity and much more.

Of course in each individual’s own practice of feminism should it be an active and activist type of practice, or should it be of a less radical type, is personal. And for us here at feminists for choice the thing that matters to us, is that the matter of equality is something that we actively fight for as the right to opportunity does not come free, and keeping our own selves going in a good direction forward is more important than being passive and idle in the matters at hand.

Bringing gender equality into everyday practice

It’s all well and good to be an advocate of equality in theory, however one always stands to battle one’s own hypocrisy. Practice what you preach, or perhaps even excluding the preaching part, adhering as much as possible to your morality on the matter. The practice of gender and race equality is a much more difficult matter than one may first think as someone starting to see the importance of the prejudice issues we face in our society today.

The labouring way of getting there, starts with realization, with seeing that we have many habits, thoughts, judgements which we may in our daily lives brush off as hairless generalisations. We hold many biases which we are not aware of, and being aware is that vital first step.

Secondly, there must be reflection, there is no set right or wrong only an investigation to see how we can best steer our behaviour to nurture ideals of equality. One of the most important factors that the team would like to bring to light today, is that there is frankly no point in being an idealist. We can only try and do our best, which may sound silly, however if one fail to live up to one’s own ideals there is a good chance that there is failure on a personal level, something which often result in giving up the whole ideal in itself. Which we think you can agree is a disastrous outcome.

The current need for the right education

What the team here would like to speak about today is the need for the right type of education, not only for the children of our age, but for all ages inclusive of the academic side. Today there are a few different choices for anyone who is interested in social sciences, psychology, economy and much more under the banner of creating equality. Courses in women’s studies, gender studies and some others are available in higher education. Something that we here would like to bring into the view of anyone who may be looking for their academic path today. There is a most pressing need to ensure that we have enough people educated, who holds a deeper understanding of matters regarding oppression and inequality. Anyone can see and easily state that as far as gender equality goes, we are a far way off the mark. Something which strikes us as strange in this day and age, but at the same time, with gender roles imbued in culture, commercialism and in our environments it can be difficult to spot where a wrongful judgement on the personal level, or a systematic error on the state level occurs.
Defining the questions and answering them in a scientific way with high standards, brings unshakable evidence and some hope of finding solutions to the issues we are facing. The team here would like to encourage anyone who is going down a study of equality, rights and the better future it may bring about. We see it as highly needed, highly respected and are grateful for those who work diligently for a better way forward.

Points to keep in mind, a feminist way of thinking

There are a couple of things, arguments, opinions, simply put, points. That need to be kept in mind in your day to day life. Firstly there is no doubt about some sort of gender system existing. There is not only the pure biological facts, but in the society we are divided into a masculine and a feminine group. This is a behavioral and social part which can be damaging. There is also no doubt that in the past women have suffered great injustice and inequality, and we have to ask ourselves where we are on this road today. Another point which is to keep on that noodle is that sexism does also exist. There are many who hold judgmental and discriminatory views, as well as implicate these views today. Lastly it’s also important to remember that there is a big gender difference when it comes to our sexuality and the relations we have with each other. This is also a fact, and something that will effect how we define equality between the two sexes.

The history of women’s oppression is still under way

Looking at the recorded and recent history, it’s evident that the gender oppression that has been going on has been to say the least horrid. What we here think is one of the worst mistakes one can make today, is think that we have managed to reach some sort of state of equality, this is simply not true. There are generations and centuries of oppression towards women ingrained in society, and it’s evident where we can from by looking at today. There is still not equal opportunities or fair wages, and that not to even mention what goes on in some parts of the world in the name of religious beliefs and tradition. Just because we are today surrounded by a vast landscape of technology, it doesn’t mean that we as a race has evolved that much.
Digital media rather than paper prints has only proved to increase the objectification of women and brought beauty ideals which corrupt the young women of today to a much wider spread. Girls growing up with role models of women who are unrealistically plastic and bringing about a generation who have issues with starvation in a time where food is available in the plenty. It’s a twisted world, and a constant awareness and battle against this type of gender oppression is required.
Of course we are not stating that unrealistic beauty ideals is not also harmful to young guys, however the spread of disease in the female population is far greater and far more difficult to handle. This simply because it has become normal, it’s nothing worth attention or which raises a flag of warning to anyone. Here we wish to stay vigilant in our battle, and hope that you are of the same sort.

Knowledge is one way to a better future

Many great persons have agreed with the phrase that education is the key to solving a whole bunch of issues. The more we know, and given that we use that information in the right way, the better a way we can pave for ourselves individually, as well as a whole. Today there are many fields of education in the social and behavioural sciences which attend to the pertinent issue of segregation, disconnection and inequality. One would think that in a society like the one we live in today things could be running in a better way. With the array of scientific and technological advances made there are now a whole row of new opportunities for solutions.

Of course as a continuous there will always be the question of what is the right thing to do, as we are dropped in life without a particular manual to tell us what is good, bad, right and wrong. Some of a strong religious conviction may argue differently as there are some holy books out there today which are seen as manuals, despite their outdatedness.

Being able to study the fields of the beliefs, behaviours and culture which are handed down through generations, especially that which we are unaware of the team here sees as one of those countless current opportunities that we are faced with. We are also of the belief that only by learning can we understand, not a pure academic learning, but also though experience, and be able to make the choices on more valid grounds. Here we are advocates of awareness, study and an active engagement with life, the issues we face along the way and the responsibility we have towards the next generation to do our absolute best.

A great reading recommendation

The team here are great supporters of reading, it’s not that digital media is something that we are against, but it is a different way to take on information. Although we are not neuroscientists, in our experience of taking in information, with the digital media and the availability today it may be difficult to have the time to think and reflect on what it is that you are actually seeing. Dramatic pictures may evoke emotions which compel you to act in a certain way, however when it comes to reading a book, more time and context is given for any one striking point to hit home.
It’s important to keep with the pace, and be able to sort the vast quantities of information we are hit with every day and for the team here, reading is one of the ways which really slows your thinking down, it doesn’t in any way mean that you think less, you just think more about less information, reflecting more deeply is also a natural part of a human existence and something which one benefits from engaging with from time to time.

This is why we aim to bring you some good trips on books to curl up with on a rainy day, and our first choice is “The Beauty Myth” by Naomi Wolf. Written in 1990 it still pack a great punch with many good points to think about today. Powerful, effective and a well worth a read is what the team here thinks.

If you have any suggestions that you would like us to bring forward or if you have any questions for us here, please get in contact though the contact page, we are always happy to hear from you!

A new year, a new start for Feminists for Choice

The team here would like to give thanks to all the readers who are visiting us, and of course we would also like to give thanks for all the wonderful activism out there. You as well as we know that there is a continuous need to show, though action, being and activism that the world is not yet how we envision in ideals. Of course it may never be, however the change we are implementing now will come to help women, minorities and other groups of society which are subject to discrimination and unfair treatment. So we welcome the new year, and hope that you, like us have found new inspiration and power to keep up the great work which has been done, and is yet to be done.
Of course with being an activist team dedicated to the finding equal standpoints through understanding, practice and removal of social conditioning, we are not a team to dwell long in nostalgia. However, we can proudly look back on the year which has passed so fast we bairly noticed it, and congratulate and applaud the great efforts we’ve bared witness to by young and old, male and female feminists around the globe. Here we hope to be able to carry on bringing you news, updates and inspiration on the subjects are current, relevant and of the highest importance to us, and hopefully to you as well. A definite for the team here as far as new year’s resolutions go, is to ensure that we keep up our own good work, as well as encourage and spread the good news of the good work of others.

Feminism and Psychology – A Journal

Here at feminists for choice we would like to recommend a journal called Feminism and Psychology, it’s an acclaimed international peer reviewed journal that provides a forum where you can take part of their discussions, and read what those in the profession has to say. It’s very interesting, and something that we highly recommend you have a look at should these subjects interest you.

Of course the main points that are discussed here is the interface between psychology and feminism. The aim for the journal itself is to help develop theories which are applicable to practice and inclusive of psychology, or as they state, even beyond. In the journal you can find many high quality originally performed surveys and experiments as well as critiques and theoretical articles. We also welcome this month’s sponsor Sarah White.

Action for change

In any situation there is a tendency to stay passive, and in many cases it’s a dangerous thing. Simply as in the boiling frog scenario, we can in some circumstances end up in boiling water without realising it before it is too late. Of course with something like in the fight for equal rights it’s never that simple. Even if it from some points it can clearly be argued that it is. An active awareness and action for change is always needed, and sitting in the water as the temperature slowly rises is not something that we would willingly do knowing the cost. For us here at feminists for choice the answer lies in spreading awareness. This is of course also the reason to why we do what we can to spread the word of things which are in need of space in the mind of people.

Feminist issues today are not simply a matter of equal wages for the same job, even if that is also still on the agenda, but there is a battle to ensure that equality, within the context is reached. In the ideal we should of course gain the awareness, and make the change instantaneously, however when complexity is present, we cannot know what is right. which is why we instead need to do what is needed to remover what is wrong.

Joining the fight for equality is something that stretches all the way into every day activities, the action we perform and of course what we pass on to our children, being aware is an ongoing and continuing responsibility which is not in the hands of only women, but of everyone. So do what you can and remain active in both awareness and actions, in all you do.

Quotes which are funny, relevant and educational

Hello all your internal, aware and externally activist lovely ladies and gents out there! The team here want to bring a bit lightness to the generally quite heavy things we bring up, and this week is for some quotes that suit the site as well as our flavour. We bring them to you in hope that you will also enjoy them for the same reasons as enjoys comedy, namely them being true.

We start off with Rebecca West, who we agree says it straight to the point with:
“I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is: I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat.”

The notion of women as human beings is a surprisingly young notion, considering the time extent to which we have historical records. Women were awakened all across the globe say half a century ago, however with the generations that fought for the right we take for granted today, having to a large part disappeared together will all the rest of the progress wheel feminism has one again become more dormant than it needs to be. There is more and more resemblance in the attitudes, of also women, which is signified in Rebecca West’s statement.

The second quote we bring, is of a lighter sort, a play on words, but again also true. From Sheng Wang, feminist and humourist brought back a common sense question which it would be good to ask especially if one has the tendency to use the phrase.

“Why do people say “grow some balls”? Balls are weak and sensitive. If you want to be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding.”

Reasons to become a feminist

If you are not already a feminist there are only reasons for you to become one. You may realise and see many things just slightly differently in the world. We wanted to give some quite obvious examples here, for example how many of children’s shows and toys are made strikingly stereotypical. This one is a difficult one to get over, as it’s so widely spread and so current. Secondly you may also realise that the mainstream media today, the most popular films, tv shows, music and celebrities all portray women, not as independent personalities, but in some strange way in which the female is reliant, needing and in awe of the male counterpart.

Lastly, you may also realise that you can be a feminist no matter what your way of life is. A feminist house wife and mother of 3 is as valid as a lesbian woman activist fighting for gay and women’s rights. Feminism has not moved enough in the last decade, due to the fact that it’s been forgotten about somehow, in the midst of every things else. But equality between the sexes is just as important as it is to eradicate racism.

About Young and Strong Feminism

There seems to be a misconception going around in the society of the UK, where a lack of political and social interest is seen, pointed out and discussed ever so often. However, did we ever stop to think about if this is true or not. There is nothing to suggest that all the teenagers of today want to do is play to the system which is already in existence. If anything, is it not the opposite, the young minds of today grow up in a system which we are blind to, and this is included in our inability to see our own faults. The teenagers know, and are subject to, today much more than we can imagine, and their minds have processed more in their early years then human minds ever needed to in the area of information.
In the past few years there has been a lot of activity in schools across the UK, where groups, societies and campaigns are being set up to support feministic values and fight for equal rights on all corners, and in honesty. This is much more than we can say is happening in our communities, and the doings of the younger generation in this area far exceeds the doing of the ones who now are of voting age.

In schools education ensuring equality in the areas of gender, race, class, ability and any other form of discrimination which may be perceived are being dealt with, by the students. The changes which can be seen are imposed by young eyes, who see, in many ways much better than old ones. Of course there is a need for good role models, free thinkers, plumbers Bristol and good mentors who can show the young where to look, and guide them into realising their own ideals. However, they also have found much of this in the groups which have evolved, and have much support as well as discussion among each other. Which again, is more than what we can say is the case for many of us adults.

Feminists paining women as victims; an untrue and uneducated view

As we have touched on before there are some modern fabs on the Internet which seem to be coming to some very strange and untrue conclusions. Of course here at feminists for choice we believe that everyone has the right to their own views and their right to exercise their freedom of speech. The only thing that we would have an issue with is when bias and uneducated viewers make radical claims against a movement that have been fighting for equality though history. A common of these uneducated criticisms on feminist, is stating that feminism makes women into victims.

However this is not true, as such a statement could only come from the mind of someone uneducated in the history and the principals of the movement itself. What they often face to realise as well is that the movement is continuously changing. For us here it should be the last thing you should would want to do is complain about those who fought for your rights.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Here at feminists for choice we would like to take the opportunity to present a brilliant young woman. Namely Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a Nigerian born writer currently seen as one of the most prominent of critically acclaimed young authors, who is successful in gaining a new generation of readers to African literature. In the current every so discussed question of the term feminism, to the question “why use the word feminism instead of human rights” she has stated simply because it is dishonest.

We see her and her view, and feminism is something which is part of human rights, but it’s too vague of a description, and stating human rights when speaking about the specific problems related to gender it would be to deny the issue. After a long history of female suffering, it’s only fair to acknowledge the issue, an issue which still exists, rather than placing it in the margins as a problem not to be resolved. So if you are a reader, we recommend Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Emma Watson and the HeForShe campaign

This is the biggest news currently in the media eye in the fight for feminism. In her speech which she held as a goodwill ambassador for the UN, promoting the HeForShe campaign she addressed the issues with the current misconception and wrongfully negatively loaded currently common view of feminism. She also spoke of the imbalance in the audience of those who support feminism, and that there are many male gender stereotypes which we also need to work to abolish. She was straight, and said that feminism, is a cause which is for everyone.

One of the most important things she bought up, that we see here, is simply how the fight for equal rights have stagnated, and that we’ve not moved further along since a decade back. A better way of viewing and portraying the fight for gender equality is needed from every point. Emma stated many truths in her speech and one of the most profound and valid which we see here is quoted below. We would like to offer you the opportunity to read and reflect on the worlds. Post sponsored by Plumbers Bristol

” Both men and women should feel free to be sensitive. Both men and women should feel free to be strong… It is time that we all perceive gender on a spectrum not as two opposing sets of ideals.”

Emma Watson

Gender is a social construction?

This question is something that has been, and still is on the discussion board of many situations. Weather in the board room of a feminist movement or with a pint at the local pub, and we thought we’d say a couple of things on this subject.

We consider that the statement, as many others have surpassed its own time of relevance. It’s true that there will always be some form of culture nurturing certain things and in the race for social acceptance one must follow. However, there are also numerous things which suggests that it may not only be a cultural drive behind, but also a biological one. With the growing research done in neuroscience, psychology and micro biology there are clear imperial facts stating that there are fundamental differences in the genders. Of course this is the grounds for a much bigger discussion, but the thought of gender as a social construct must also evolve as we know more and more about ourselves.

About the rise of Black Feminism

In the early days of the feminism as a whole, it was not what it is today, and by women, in the definition by many of the feminists of the time, nonwhite women in the working class were excluded from the agenda. This was something which of course which to many seems hypocritical, and luckily this was the thought of some women of the time, both black and white. This gave rise to another feminist movement, namely black feminism. Women’s liberation needed to be focused on the liberation of all women, regardless of race or class, and in the battle to make the liberation applicable to every woman Bell Hooks made her voice heard.

In this time the national black feminism organisation and the national alliance of black feminists were also formed, and as a side note this was during the time when the Black Power Movement was also in full running. There was another movement that spurred off at this time as well, which was the Womanism movement, and writer Alice Walker was one of the leading names at the time in the intellectual bridging between white and black feminism, in her works she examined society at the time as a whole, rather than divide things into smaller issues providing a better general understanding for all.

Giving thanks to unseen feminists practitioners though the ages

For us, a thing which is of the greatest importance we can imagine, is of course the everyday practice of the activism which being a feminism is. It’s a known fact that it’s easy to speak, and difficult to do. A testament to this is of course the mountains of advice we are able to give, but not implement. The same principal runs though for those who are active feminists in their day to day lives.

Being the change which we want to see, and in the activist manner which is required for anyone living with feminist ideals, is not an easy task. Which is why we would like to write a few words to attribute thanks and appreciation to those who do. For the most part, those who live in strong feministic ways will have strong influence on their proximity, especially those who live their ideals. As children learn from what they see rather from by what they are told, we all function this way. Bringing equal rights into the next generation, getting away from a sexist, racist way of life is something which is each individual woman’s responsibility regardless of what type of equality ideals one holds.

Ensuring that we act in according to what we believe is a moral questions, and without doing so we cannot learn to live with ourselves any more than we can learn to live with our sexist or racist neighbour. Educating by action and reaction rather than preaching is the only way forward, and remaining in an open position of learning from our mistakes is the natural way to bring the better ideals forward. So thank you, to all the strong women and men out there who are doing what they can to bring a better and more equal view into the norm.

About the Women’s Liberation Movement

In the light of giving information on the Suffrage Movement, we would also like to mention the Women’s Liberation Movement which started after the second world war, where a higher and higher number of women were getting education. Many of which pursued higher education such as collage and university students as well, however after leaving their academic life they were met with much resistance and inequality towards jobs which matched their education and their intellect.

The Women’s Liberation movement, in the 1970s were much about changing the lives of women in that age, and focus was mainly on employment, education and sexuality. Worth mentioning in this is a lady called Betty Friedan, who was a prominent feminist of the time founded the National Organization for Women, NOW for short, which was became a huge umbrella type organisation taking many branches and feminist causes under its wing and played a big role in the history and development of rights for women.

Quickly about The Suffrage Movement

Although the first women’s rights, and feminist movements did not go under the name of feminism. They in today’s view can very much so be classified under it. The word feminism itself gained its current association with the feminist movement came from France where the word was initially used to describe support for women’s rights.

The Suffrage movement started at the 19th century, and is mainly interconnected with the battle to gain women’s rights to vote. This movement crossed boarders, and although in some countries under another name, in many of them there was some level of success. In the late 19th century, in countries like Sweden, Finland and in some of the western states of the U.S, limited voting rights for women were instated. It’s worth noting that the first country in which the movement took off was in Finland. Which also logically explains the progression.

But we’ve come a long way since then, and the focus is becoming more and more centered around human rights, than just feminism.

How can we reach a state of equality?

This must be the question we ask ourselves before we start shouting about everything that is wrong. The focus must be the solution, and not the problem. Of course you can only come to a solution by investigating the issues, however when it comes to equality, in the name of feminism or not, complaints without any suggestions for improvement is just something different feeding a negative cycle.

On the subject of the gender based roles the equality must be searched for in a way, where women can have opportunity to be industry professionals without having to give up their femininity. The same must be shown the other way around, and men must have the right to choose their life without the basis of a gender. Meaning that the way we view things must change. There is giving and taking in each of the discussions of this type, and everyone must have open ears, and open minds for anything to move forward.

This too might be words stating an impossible ideology, however, there is no gain in treading water at a point far from equality and opportunity for everyone.

In the question of if we still need feminism

This question is widely discussed, and there are many supporters of both sides to the coin. Some say that feminism is a dated method of chasing equality, and some see the gender based roles still implemented and use this as the argument for answering yes to the question whether feminism is still needed or not.

On this point we would like to emphasize our own view and standpoint as feminism as a point and discussion about equality, regardless of gender, race etc.

However there are many situations where a strong form of discrimination against women is in place, but the women affected are happy in their situation. The question must then become, is it not our responsibility to find that which is common to all women, and all people, and make sure that the human rights and equality is what we strive for, and not be lazy, in our lives, opinions or standpoints. This as, just to raise the question mark, plus there are more modern turn and views on feminism than there has ever been. Thanks to

The first feminists

The question of who the first feminists were is a difficult and vague one. The previously mentioned Abigail Adams was certainly one of the earlier ones, however due to the nature of the question. It’s very difficult to pin point where the first feminist movements really started. It was not really until the sixties and seventies that the word feminism became widely used. There are some who say that feminists are those who state themselves feminists and fight for women’s rights and equality, not only between the sexes, but for everyone.

Since the first feminists were unaware of the terminology which came to follow one could say that the first feminists were those women who fought for their rights first. But since the rights in question and the goals in question have always been different, any type of equality movement which included women as to have equal rights in any manner could be called a feminist. In turn it makes the question vaguer, and harder to answer. But if we go for a textbook answer, the first feminist movement became active during the sixties. Thanks to Damien for contribution in July to this post.

Third wave feminism

We would like to tell you a little bit about the differences between many feminists today, versus those from 40 years ago during the second wave of feminism. So, we are currently in the third wave of feminism, which has changed focus slightly and left behind the days of the early feminism. Theories that deal with feminism in this third wave usually involves subjects like anti-racism, consciousness, women of colour and power. At times this type of feminism also touches on subjects like trans-nationalism, cyber-feminism, eco-feminism and individualist feminism. What may be much appealing to many in this wave of feminism as well is that often  seen as a positive aspect of life, rather than something which can be oppressive. The biggest example of this may be that during the second wave there was a strong resistance towards certain images and film as degrading to women, however many feminists of this third wave have reconsidered their opposition towards it, this for some reaches as far.

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About Abigail Adams

We would like to take some time to tell you about this wonderful and influential, yet commonly unknown woman. Born in 1744, we class her as someone very ahead of her time, both politically involved being the wife of the first Vice President of the United states, and the mother of John Quincy Adams, the Sixth president.
Abigail Adams was a dedicated lady, a writer with a strong patriotic sense, abolitionist and one of the earliest feminists of great importance. Some of the main things keeping her in memory is the collection of letters she wrote to her husband when in Philadelphia. John frequently sought the advice of Abigail, on a range of different matters, and the letters are filled with strong intellectual and political discussions on the government, many in which where the subject of equality. She was strongly against slavery, and often in matters she voiced her views on behalf of women of the time.
So a big thank you to Abigail Adams, for seeing and fighting this battle for equality so early on, and in such an inspirational and strong way, to make head way for the next generations.

Feminism is not about women

There’s a common misconception that feminism is for the equal rights for women. And many say that this is now the case, and that feminism is dated jibber jabber and not needed anymore. However, it may be the word feminism which is loading this type of cause with a strictly gender based view. It’s not true feminism is just a word or a title given to a subject, based on how it spawned initially. Feminism today is about equality, not just for women, but for everyone. And the issues women are facing, are no different from other unequal situations of prejudice, judgment and unethical normative behaviour. So, before one discards feminism as something for the working women in the 60s, the definition of the concept must be redefined within ones view. Of course each feminist is also an individual, and have their own individual interpretation of what it means and what it is, however at the bottom line there is equality, for everyone regardless of who, what, where etc.

Feminism and Choice

We are close to the 200 year mark since the start of a rising feminist movement. Some even say around in the late 1800’s the word feminism cropped up in France and the Netherlands. Of course the aims of the movement have changed much though out history depending on when, where and what culture and what status those for it were in. But should you wish to put it all under one roof, and one concept, simply it’s just a movement for women’s rights. Although today we live in what often seems like an equal society here in the west, there are still many reasons to support the feminist movement that exist today.

Firstly we have to look at the rights and equal financial rights. Then we have to look at the opportunities available for women and men, and the bias that exists in many of our institutions and companies today. After this we need to look at the society, and the culture, the normative behaviour we grow up with, and question whether this is actually equal. Today many say that we live in a male dominated world, and they are right, often the women that we see in higher powered role are not so feminine, They act and live in a masculine way in order to get to these positions.
So when it comes to the equality between the genders, legally the rights are more and more fair. However the issues that we deal with today are many and they are of quite complex nature. Feminism is not to say that women should have the same rights as men, as long as they act as them. What we’ve seen with much of the commercial and political sectors is that the same chance to get education and build a career is presented for women, so as long as they live, act and dress like a man. And for many the feminist movement, is something that should be for everyone, this due to the fact that it’s seen as a movement for individuality and the rights to be yourself and get acceptance from the workplace, institutions or society.

Conditioning, work, culture and a Locksmith

The social conditioning and the narratives that we grow up with in popular culture includes objectified women, and idolized men. Anorexic models and a culture which places focus only on exterior image and appearance. Even today, there are hard narratives of princesses, damsels in distress, who are waiting to be saved by their price etc. This is just peaking briefly at a very western culture. If you look further you see issues like young girls being married away or sold, forced prostitution, instances where women are punished for being raped etc. So in our current time the public eye wants to portray a society where gender does not matter to your opportunities, or your life, and that everyone lives by equal rights. But it’s a fallacy, and the feminist movement is still a very relevant one, and in need of as much support as possible. Thanks to our June sponsor locksmith the gender gap is really apparent but one learns just to get on with life. The ability to work in intellectual spheres as well as manual labour jobs while understanding the importance of gender is crucial.

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Discrimination in freedom for Girls

When looking at the toy’s industry at the moment, it’s nothing less than a decrease. It’s all pink and purple clothed dolls in proportions which promote a very low self image in terms of exterior look. There are beauty shop toys, cleaning appliances in miniature plastic versions, vacuum cleaners, ironing boards, make up kits, kitchen appliances etc. The list is long, and the narrative presented to girls, at a young age is seemingly not that far from brain washing at times. Educationally driven toys is something created for the boys, mechanic Lego, science experimental boxes, toys which develop and require a high level of physical skills like skate boards etc. This type of social conditioning, which is happening on a wide scale must be taken seriously, taking away someone’s opportunity to be a science geek girl, or seen from the other less common occurrence of a house husband. So before going out to buy that birthday gift for your daughter, keep her own opportunity of choice in mind. It may have much stronger long term effect than you can imagine.

What is feminism

People have different understanding and different interpretations of the word feminism. Of course the meaning is individual to the person in question. It could be described as something along the lines of equality of the sexes. Not only in as having the same opportunity and level of fairness in choice, but as in being able to do so being a woman. Not being a woman, pretending to be a man. Simply put, some say that feminism is the radical notion that women are people to. It may be easier and more useful to describe what is often associated with it, but very far from it.

So, feminism is not selfish fulfillment by career women and professionals looking to gain status in a company or an industry. The main objective is equality, for everyone. It’s against the type of prejudice, judgement and discrimination which is held by being a woman. The boundaries around where feminism starts and where other equal rights subjects start is quite gray, and often issues with discrimination quite commonly also cross paths with discrimination against people based on class, race, gender, disability, age and so on. Feminism is not only for women, but for everyone as it’s parallel to equality for each individual, as an individual.

Our Social Experiment

Not it’s not easy to conduct a social experiment but that is what we have set out to do. The most important aspect will be the validity of the experiment and that is why we have enlisted the help of those people that we will believe to serve the best results. There are not  many social experiments that are not contradicted for weak research methods and questionable tactics that may affect the results of that which is being studied. It is to this effect that we are ready to gauge the positive results and outweigh the those methods which seek to alter the fine distinction between quality and poor research. Not many researchers are open to this level of scrutiny and that is why when picking the ideal candidates. Many thanks also to April’s sponsor locksmith Liverpool Mickey for website funding support. Anyway, we asked the question why so many were attracted to working in the locksmiths industry. Not only a research candidate of high caliber but also a man of integrity when looking for the right type of candidate for this type of project but then also begging the question why?

The only matter in hand that has not been addressed is that of valid results that do not sway the objective criteria that have been placed on the findings. To this effect it will be necessary to employ a higher number of inverse relationships that lock in the correct level of higher class 3 results. This should be monitored at every level to ensure that what has been created is a first class delivery of higher level research. This should be apparent to all observers and any organization inspecting the risk element of this type of project. But why does it all sound so academic. Well actually it isn’t! The real answer is that it is the male dominated workplace that is the attraction in an effort to create a balance.

But what about the Greater Impact?

Low and behold for he who understands the greater impact of the workings of nature and the impact on the greater sphere is one the wiser. It is not only the intellectual points that make up our understanding when the greater picture is concerned. It is also the understanding of those aspects that affect us and our peers. It is this importance placed on our peers that gives us the freedom to express and explore the greater ideas. Thanks to May’s sponsor plumber Manchester for this month’s writing support contribution. Before her time as an intellectual contributor has provided the insight and wisdom to contribute to this type of project and enabled her to seek funding from the industry. It is hard to comment on the reality of certain situations without having a broad understanding of the wider ways in which the world operates and the way in which women attempt to create a balance in the construction workplace traditionally run by men.

For those who have not entered into this arena, it is hard to see why this wider view is desirable, but it becomes all to apparent once research has been conducted and results have been provided.